I just received my mail order today.  Why are my items melted?
 Melting is a natural reaction to heat.   Our body butters are designed to melt at body temperature.  So, it's only natural for them to melt in the hot months during shipping.  Be aware of the season and use caution when ordering these products rich in natural butter.  You may need to take advantage of overnight shipping.    

I arrived home and my items are melted.
Products with high natural butter content may melt in transit from our vendor location, or en route to your home via Mail Order. Because we cannot control the temperature from our location to yours, we issue a “melt warning” for certain solid products (body butter). We give this warning because we cannot guarantee they will arrive in their original condition.  As a result, we are unable to reship or refund products that have suffered heat-damage in transit.   

My Body Butter is melted.  What should I do?
Due to some states year round hot weather, we cannot guarantee the product will arrive in the same shape it left in. If your Body Butter arrives melted, place it in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 hours to solidify.  Consistency will be different, however, consistency does not affect quality.  

The Body Butter is not listed on your website.  How can I order it?  
Due to high temperatures, the Body Butter is no longer sold during the Summer (May through Septemer) months.  This product will be sold October through April.  

What is the shelf-life of your body products?
The natural/organic hand-crafted nature of our products makes it difficult to determine an exact shelf-life. However, we generally advise that you try to use up your product within 6 months of the date of purchase.